SubZero VOXLINK-2VL Lavalier and Headset Wireless Microphone System


Key Features

  • Features 1 receiver, 2 lavalier & 2 headset microphones, and 2 bodypacks
  • Operates across 16 channels on 863.7/864.9MHz UHF Wireless Operating Frequency
  • Lightweight, compact and reliable
  • Includes handy carry case

The SubZero VOXLINK-2VL Wireless Microphone System is a professional-grade audio solution designed to provide exceptional sound quality and versatility. Simple in design, the system is designed to accommodate up to two simultaneous performers. Each user has the choice of either a lavalier or headset microphone that can be connected to their bodypack.

Operating on a carrier frequency of between 863.7/864.9MHz across 16 channels, the variable frequency system offers a wide coverage area making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, whilst its operating range of up to 50 metres allows you to move freely without the risk of dropouts and interference. The system can be easily transported using the handy carry case it comes in.

Please Note: This system can only use 3 channels within the 863-865MHz bandwidth.


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