SubZero SZC-300 USB Studio Condenser Microphone


Key Features

  • Large diaphragm USB condenser perfect for meetings, podcasters and content creators
  • Make sure your message is heard thanks to the flat, detailed frequency response
  • Plug and play technology eliminates the need for installation drivers
  • Includes protective pouch, USB cable and microphone clip

Communication is important. The SubZero SZC-300-USB Studio Condenser Microphone is designed to make sure that your message resonates, regardless of the environment. Whether you’re in a meeting, making a podcast or creating content for your fans, if you’re looking for a much-needed upgrade on your computer’s soundcard then you’re in the right place.

Boasting a detailed frequency response of 20Hz-17kHz, the SZC-300-USB will relay every last nuance of your voice with an incredible degree of accuracy. So much so that your fans and co-workers will feel like they’re in the same room with you. Sure to streamline your workflow, long gone are the days of having to repeat yourself.

SubZero understand that it can be hard to achieve clarity in noisy environments. Whilst it’s impossible to completely block out all outside noise in home and office spaces, we can certainly help reduce it. At the heart of the SZC-300-USB lies a cardioid polar pattern, this delivers a tight, focused sound with exceptional rejection of off-axis noise and ambience. Thanks to plug and play technology you’ll be able to instantly connect the microphone to your system without the need for additional installation drivers or an interface!


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