SubZero 10″ Active Studio Subwoofer


Key Features

  • Features two passive radiators for enhanced sound
  • Adjustable low pass filter and phase reverse for accurate monitoring
  • Compact gloss black cabinet with fabric cone covers
  • Easily assess its status thanks to handy LED monitoring
  • Small but powerful. Don’t just hear your bass, feel it with the SubZero 10″ Active Studio Subwoofer. One of the hardest aspects of mixing and mastering is the management of low-frequency content. Too much bass can be overpowering, whilst too little results in mixes sounding thin and lifeless.

    The Active Studio Subwoofer allows you to take control of your low-end with confidence. Thanks to its 10″ inch width and ‘drone cone’ cabinet enclosure technology, you can rest assured knowing the subwoofer is capable of reproducing extended low-frequencies with absolute clarity and smoothness. The inclusion of a frequency selector acts as an adjustable low pass filter. You’ll be free to tailor the bass response of your sub to minimise all potential risks of phasing. This can be easily checked via the handy phase switch that’s incorporated on the back of its sleek, all-black fascia.

    The wide range of connectivity the subwoofer provides allows it to seamlessly integrate into any set-up. This reinforced by its compact size, making it ideal for home studios, as well as professional studio environments. Upgrade your listening experience and create better music today!


Full Description
Drone Cone Technology
This SubZero subwoofer is clever. Featuring 2 passive radiators (or ‘drone cone’ enclosure technology), the speaker gives a more enhanced bass response. The speaker itself has two additional cones on the side of the sub instead of a bass port (or hole). These cones aren’t driven, they purely resonate from the air pressure within the cabinet created by the front speaker. The main advantage to this is that it avoids any spikes or troughs in the frequency response that would normally be generated by a bass port. It also means that, despite its compact size, it can generate a lot more sound while still remaining clear and transparent – perfect for studio monitoring.

High fidelity sound
Both the RCA and XLR inputs have been designed by SubZero to accept full range audio. This means you’ll be able to directly connect your speakers to your sub without any fear of signal degradation. From there, the sub features an adjustable low pass filter, allowing you to precisely alter what frequency you wish the sub to handle. All that is left getting the volume balance just right between the subwoofer and the top speakers, which is also easily adjusted on the sub. Simply adjust the dial on the back panel to independently control the volume of the subwoofer without adjusting the volume of the top speakers.

Sounds as good as it looks
The SubZero subwoofer not only sounds superb, but has also been presented in an appealing, compact cabinet. Featuring a sturdy wooden frame for the enclosure, it’s durable and practical. The high gloss finish makes it ideal both as a studio monitor, but also at home in the home, as part of a hi fi set up. Four rubber feet have been added to the bottom of the speaker for protection of floor surfaces and also to prevent unwanted resonance. All the cones feature a removable cover for additional protection.

At a glance monitoring
Thanks to the innovative LED colour scheme that the subwoofer offers, you’ll be able to effortlessly check its status at a single glance. Green indicates the subwoofer is turned on. Red represents standy-by or “protect mode”, a helpful overheat protection mode. This feature is excellent for ensuring a long-lasting life. Finally, orange indicates when clipping occurs, allowing you to reduce your signal level to prevent any damage to your system.

Power Rating: 280W RMS / 400W Peak / 1120W Max
Frequency Response: 30 Hz-100Hz & -3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
THD: Less than 0.5
Input Impedance: 20Kohms
Driver: 10″
Dimensions (W x H x D): 380 x 356 x 375mm
Product Code: SZSM-SUB10


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