SubZero SZC-100 Pencil Condenser Microphone, Pair


Key Features

  • The ultimate choice for stereo recording acoustic instruments
  • Streamlined design ensures optimised, “red-light-fever free” recorings
  • Pure, honest sound via simplified signal path and transformerless FET circuitry
  • Includes premium accessory pack

Overheads, guitars, strings, pianos. You name it, the SubZero SZC-100 Pencil Condenser Microphone, Pair excels on it. Thanks to their warmth and detail, these premium small diaphragm condensers are the ideal choice for capturing any acoustic source.

Your recordings will sound larger than life. SubZero forgoes traditional pad and switch filters and included transformerless FET circuitry for a cleaner signal path. Thanks to this, your recordings will be crystal clear with no colouration. Make what you hear in the room translate to the speakers with the SubZero SZC-100s.


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