SubZero Saturn-50VR Tube Amp 4 x 12″ Seventy 80 Stack


Key Features

  • Includes 4 x 12″ Celestion fitted cabinet and speaker cable
  • 2-channel valve head perfect for a wide range of styles and genres
  • Powerful 50W performance with controls that go up to 11
  • Add unparalleled depth and dimension with the all-analog spring reverb
  • Ideal pedal platform with integrated FX loop
  • The SubZero Saturn-50VR 2 Channel Tube Head is a versatile amplifier head with immense power and two channels, each with their own unique character. The clean channel is clear and articulate, with sparking highs and resonant lows, whilst the drive channel provides a broad spectrum of saturation, from the perfect level of crunch with natural amp break-up to all-out metal tones. The all-analog design boasting 6l6s always delivers truly distinctive tones providing you with the foundation to carve your signature sound.

    This amp head is the perfect blend of heritage and technological innovation. Thanks to the inclusion of a fixed frequency 3-band EQ on both channels you’ll be able to sculpt great tones from the get-go. Unlike most amplifiers in this price range, the Saturn-50VR boasts an authentic, all-analog spring reverb. There’s no room for digital here. Should you desire to tap into your inner rock god then be sure to crank each control up to 11! This head is the ultimate choice for those who like their tones and cabinet to sound larger than life! This bundle comes complete with a 4 x 12″ Celestion fitted cabinet and speaker cable.


Full Description
Subzero Saturn-50VR 2 Channel Tube Head, Black
Powerful tone-shaping
The Subzero Saturn-50VR 2 Channel Tube Head allows you to sculpt your sound with dedicated 3-band EQ for both of the channels. These frequency points have been specifically chosen by our team of specialists to ensure the process is as simple as adding/subtracting low, mid and high frequencies to taste. There’s also a ‘Bright’ switch for the clean channel for additional high-end sparkle, giving you an even deeper level of versatility. Optimise your setup by running modulation, delay or reverb pedals within the integrated FX loop, allowing you to experiment with placing effects before or after amplification. This makes it the ideal amp head for both the purist who favours great tone directly from the amp, or the pedal enthusiast who prefers to run extensive post effects. There’s no messing around here, just plug-in and instantly obtain huge tones.

Dual channel versatility
Clean- The clean channel is warm and precise, ideal for when clarity is key. Hear every detail of your playing with sparkling treble, punchy mids, and a rounded bass response. This makes the channel a perfect pedal platform due to the lack of colouration to your tone. This transparency allows your pedals to perform to their fullest extent so you hear the end of every delay trail, every moment of ringing sustain, or the final whoosh of a phaser. Well-suited to players who appreciate precise articulation and immaculate clarity.
Drive- The drive channel is a tameable beast. By pushing the 6l6 vacuum tubes to the point of breakup, this brings out rich saturation, sweet sustain, all with as much grit as you care to dial-in. If your solo’s need a lift or you’re just seeking a tone with a bit more of a kick- this channel delivers in abundance. With a notably thick, rich voicing, chords will sound fuller with added harmonics and your lead lines will really start to sing. Cranking the gain increases the aggression and ferocity, allowing you to go from a snarl to a growl. At higher levels, this caters well to heavier genres for those seeking powerful high gain tones, with a controlled low frequency response.
Real spring reverb
In an age where most reverbs in amplifiers are digital, the Saturn-50VR stands well above its peers. The beauty of an all analog spring reverb is your performances will never sound the same twice, the head will respond accordingly to the part you play, adding a unique sense of depth and dimension to your sound. Not only will lead lines soar, this head can take your tone right back to the ‘50s and ‘60s, injecting pure vintage mojo into your sound. Combined with the characterful sound of valve amplification and coaxing a range of phenomenal tones out of this head couldn’t be easier – from vintage warmth to high-gain saturation, anything will feel possible.

Built to last
Valves can be unpredictable. However, the integrated standby switch featured on the Saturn-50VR is here to provide peace of mind. This allows the head’s tubes to heat up before use, preserving their life span and offering an optimised tone you can rely on. Reinforced by the overall robust design for additional durability and it becomes apparent this is an amp head you can rely on to deliver outstanding tones, time and time again.

SubZero 4 x 12″ Celestion 70/80 Cabinet, Black
Perfect amp partner
Designed to realise your tone in immaculate fashion, this cab pairs beautifully with the Saturn head. Fitted with the legendary Celestion 70/80s, these effortlessly warm your sound and elevate it with the overtone-filled harmonic response they’re famous for. Detailed and articulate, every nuance of your playing shines through with ease, all with an added professional sheen.

A balanced frequency response ensures a natural tone so you got low-end warmth, rich mids, and vibrant treble at all times – depending on how you dial the settings into the Saturn head.
Not only do the speakers pack a punch, the exterior of this cabinet has been crafted to make sure these huge tones are never compromised. The plywood construction was chosen specifically for its resonant, punchy qualities. Wrapped in tough black tolex, this also guarantees reliable performance by protecting the speakers inside from superficial damage. Perfect on stage, in the studio, or even at home, this cabinet is the perfect accompaniment to the Saturn-50VR.
Subzero Saturn-50VR 2 Channel Tube Head, Black
Product code: SZ-SATURN-50VRH
Preamp Tubes:(x4) 12AX7 V1-V4
Power Tubes:(x2) 6L6G V5-V6
Fuse: T3.15A
Power Output: 50w/RMS/(8Ω/16Ω)
Power Consumption: 150W
EQ Pot Specs:
Treble: 8KHz (-9dB to +10dB)
Middle: 1KHz (-7dB to + 4dB)
Bass: 100Hz (-11dB to + 3dB)
Footswitch: 2 button TRS Jack (selects channel 1 or channel 2)
Dimensions: 655 x 330 x 330mm
Weight: 15.7 KGS
SubZero 4 x 12″ Celestion 70/80 Cabinet, Black
Design: Closed Back
Connectivity: 1 Input and 1 Output
Finish: 18mm Plywood
Dimensions (W x H x D): 35.5 x 78 x 74.2cm
Celestion 70/80 Speaker
Nominal Diameter: 12in/305mm
Nominal Power Rating: 80W
Nominal Impedance: 8ohm or 16ohm
Sensitivity: 98dB
Frequency Range: 80-5000Hz
Resonance Frequency Fs: 85Hz
DC resistance, Re: 6.1Ω & 10.41Ω
Voice Coil Diameter (mm): 44.5mm
Voice Coil Diameter (in): 1.75in
Chassis Type: Pressed steel
Magnet Type: Ceramic
Magnet Weight: 31oz/0.88kg
Voice Coil Material: Round copper


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