SubZero Public Transport Delay Pedal


Key Features

  • Rich analog delay pedal perfect for adding depth to your tone
  • Achieve big ambient swells thanks to self-oscillating design
  • Versatile performance with 50-400 ms delay time available
  • Maintain maximum signal integrity with true bypass switching.
  • The SubZero Public Transport Delay Pedal is an analog delay capable of achieving a broad range of sounds. From subtle rockabilly slap-back to gargantuan post-rock swells, this pedal can do it all and then some. No sound will feel too far out of reach with this pedal on your board. By adjusting the Time control you’ll be able to expand on gentle trails of ambience to long, echo-like repetitions, all whilst adding a unique sense of depth to your tone.

    Bring the pedal to life by turning up the feedback control. When raised to an appropriate level the intensity of the feedback will cause the pedal to self-oscillate, providing weird and wonderful tones. This creates totally organic soundscapes that you’ll want to record because it’ll never sound the same twice! Let your tone travel first class with the Public Transport Delay Pedal.


Full Description

Intuitive layout

Thanks to the intuitive layout of the Public Transport, achieving excellent delayed tones couldn’t be easier:

  • Time – Time allows you to decide the exact amount of time before the signal repeats itself. When positioned at “1” the pedal will project a 50-millisecond delay, when set to “10” you’ll hear 400-millisecond delay.

  • Feedback – Adjust the feedback knob in order to affect the length of the delay. This determines how long the effect will repeat before it decays. When positioned at “1” you’ll achieve a slapback sound, whilst 10 offers an extended delay.

  • Effect Level – Use this to adjust the Public Transport’s output volume when the pedal is engaged.

All analog design

The analog circuitry of the Public Transport delivers stunning sound quality at all times. Regardless of settings, you’ll always get pristine clarity and articulation with a warm, natural response. The delay is smooth and pairs beautifully with other pedals for truly expansive tones. The straightforward three-knob layout makes dialling in your preferred settings a breeze, and makes changes on the fly feel effortless.



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