SubZero HiCAST LA12 2.1 Line Array PA System


Key Features

  • Modular PA system with eight 4″ Twin speakers and a dual 12″ subwoofer
  • Powerful 4080W Max power projection with articulate lows and smooth highs
  • Instantly achieve great sounds via 96kHz, 48-bit DSP chip with five presets
  • Achieve a stress free set-up thanks to all-inclusive manual and intuitive design
  • Perfect for large scale venues and self-engineering bands
  • The SubZero HiCAST LA12 2.1 Line Array PA System puts the power in your hands. An excellent choice for self-engineering bands and medium to large scale venues, this modular Line Array PA is comprised of a Twin 12″ Active Subwoofer and eight 4″ Twin Line Array Speakers. Easy to set up, it has been purposefully designed by our team of specialists to effortlessly adapt to the fast paced, ever-changing nature of live sound.Incredibly powerful, together the system offers a generous 4080W Max power output, guaranteeing a smooth, articulate reproduction of low frequency content whilst offering a detailed midrange. This is perfect for reproducing transient material to ensure any performance cuts through and is heard throughout the venue.

    Be your own engineer. Featuring only the finest components, at the heart of the subwoofer lies a powerful 96kHz, 48-bit DSP processor. From bands to DJs, and public speakers to solo artists, this powerful chip provides you with five carefully tuned presets that enable you to achieve great results straight out of the box.


Full Description

Powerful subwoofer

The modular PA system is based around the HiCAST-212S subwoofer. This dual 12” subwoofer with a 3” voice coil and 2.1 function provides you with 2800W Max power output. This guarantees a powerful projection of low frequency sound at high volumes with no distortion present. Thanks to its detailed 45Hz-250Hz frequency response your audience won’t just be able to hear the bass, they’ll feel it.

The Sub’s Class-D amplifier ensures a solid, consistent performance at all times. The lower power dissipation it offers ensures the device produces less heat, is light and highly efficient. Housed within a robust 15mm plywood enclosure with a steel grille and acoustic fabric, the subwoofer is built to deal with the inevitable knocks, bumps and scrapes that come with live performance, whilst protecting all internal components.

Easy to use

On the rear of the sub sits independent volume controls for both the subwoofer and the Line Array Twin speakers. Whether you want more bass or desire less midrange content, these dials allow you to make the subtlest of adjustments, without affecting the overall balance of your music. With one touch of a button you can even alternate between mono and stereo playback to suit the needs of your performance and its environment.

Handy, easy-to-read LED indicators above the DSP section allow you to assess the quality of the unit at a glance. From here you’ll be able to see whether the subwoofer is switched on, as well as if audio levels are exceeding healthy volumes. This minimises the risk of damage to ensure a long-lasting product life.

The inclusion of combi-jack inputs allow you to connect line-level sources such as mixing desks and consoles to feed the speaker. The XLR outputs provide you with the possibility to expand on the power of your system by feeding the signal to an additional subwoofer or system.

Innovative Connection Technology

Crafted with power, clarity, and efficiency in mind. The SubZero HiCAST LA12-PA 2.1 Line Array PA System comes complete with our very own Innovative Connection Technology. ICT adds to the versatility of the modular Line Array PA. Thanks to this you’ll be able to determine whether the Line Array Twin speakers are run in serial, parallel or even “piggy-backed” to ensure even power distribution. The end result is a high-powered system with accurate sound dispersion you can rely on, all without the worry of having to match impedances or powering ratings. Its intuitive design is made even simpler thanks to the comprehensive manual included.

Stress-free set up

Thanks to their straight forward nature, setting up the Line Array Twin speakers feels intuitive. Align the speaker with the bracket and insert the pin to secure their placement. At the rear of the speaker, you’ll be able to experiment with the various angles (0,5,10°) on to find the dispersion that suits the needs of your event. This can be adjusted between one speaker and the next. With suggested examples included in the manual, the modular nature of the speaker set up allows you to accommodate the change in crowd size and seating/standing positions to ensure the audio needs of your event are perfectly tailored, night after night for the finest experience possible.

Which preset is right for me?

Flat: The most natural of the five presets, flat allows your sound to be heard free from colouration. The gentle 6dB roll off at approximately 30Hz deals with undesirable sub frequency energy to ensure your low-end packs a punch without losing clarity. This preset is recommended for critical listening applications, or when an external audio mixer is being used.

Live 1: This preset is useful for live bands and solo performers in small to medium sized indoor/outdoor venues. The gentle high and low pass filters around 30Hz and 12kHz deal with extreme highs and lows to prevent you from sounding harsh and muddy, without affecting any low-mid to high-mid frequency content.

Live 2: This preset is a “go-to” for public speaking and theatrical events. The steep low frequency roll off will prove a key asset when it comes to minimising the risk of proximity effect (an increase in low frequency content which occurs when a source is too close to the microphone) and plosives (triggered by P and B words). The generous midrange scoop compensates for any “boxiness”, whilst the subtle 8kHz lift offers “sheen” for intelligibility.

DJ 1: DJ 1 will prove useful for audio playback at weddings and parties. This preset ensures an articulate low-end response thanks to its steep 40Hz filter enhance with a gradual boost at 60Hz. The surgical scoop around 750Hz is ideal for combatting “nasal” midrange, whilst the dip at 1kHz tackles harshness. This is complimented by the gentle top-end shelf which starts at 5kHz and peaks around 13kHz.

DJ 2: DJ 2 is the go-to preset for those who like pushing their sound to the extreme. Based on a smiley-face EQ curve, this preset offers a generous boost at 60Hz to ensure your low-end has maximum impact as well as a top-end shelf starting at 1.5KHz which climaxes at 12KHz. The decision to use a shelf instead of a specific frequency boost allows your top-end to sound natural without becoming “brittle”.

Further information

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12” Subwoofer

  • Type: Dual 12’’ bass reflex subwoofer, 2.1 function
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-250Hz
  • Sensitivity(1W@1M): 97 dB
  • Power Output (RMS):
    • RMS: 700W
    • Peak: 1000W
    • Max: 2800W
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Driver: Dual 12” subwoofer, 3”VC, 90 oz
  • Enclosure: 15mm plywood
  • Grille: Steel grille with acoustic fabric
  • Max SPL: 128dB
  • Appearance: Finish texture painting
  • Dimensions (mm): 500 x 800 x 610
  • Mount: 35mm speaker pole
  • Amp type: Class-D amp 2.1 function
  • Amplifier power to subwoofer: 700W RMS at 4ohm
  • Amplifier power to satellites: 200W RMS at 8ohm

Twin Speaker

  • Type: 4’’ 2-way passive system
  • Frequency Response: 150Hz-16KHz
  • Sensitivity (1W@1M): 97 dB
  • Power Output (RMS):
    • RMS: 60W
    • Peak: 85W
    • Max: 160W
  • Nominal Impedance: 8Ω
  • Driver: Dual 4” full range woofer, 1” 1VC, 10 oz
  • Enclosure: 12mm plywood
  • Grille: Steel grille with acoustic fabric
  • Max SPL: 116dB
  • Appearance: Finish texture painting
  • Connectors: Parallel or series 6.3mm socket / selection switch
  • Dimensions (mm): 134 x 391 x 220
  • Line array pin connectors: Yes
  • Weight: 5kg


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