SubZero 8″ Active Studio Monitor, Pair


Key Features

  • Fantastic low-end response via Kevlar drive cones and rubber surround
  • Ported and tuned enclosure guarantees accuracy when recording, mixing, and mastering
  • No distortion at high volumes thanks to Neodymium Iron Boron tweeter
  • Optimise your sound to suit any environment via the on-board filters
  • Compact and highly versatile. The SubZero 8″ Active Studio Monitors are the ultimate nearfield monitors for any home recordist. Whether you’re working in stereo, or surround. These speakers are here to level the playing field. By making them part of your set-up, they’ll be nothing holding you back from being able to produce, mix, and master, just like the pros!

    You’ll be provided with a highly accurate monitoring experience. The 8″ Active Studio Monitors come complete with a ported and tuned-enclosure, guaranteeing optimised results. Hear your low-end with absolute clarity thanks to the hand-picked Kevlar driver cones, and rubber surround. The inclusion of Neodymium Iron Boron tweeters provides an accurate high-frequency response, with absolutely no colouration, or distortion, even during play-back at high SPLs. Move forward feeling confident that any decisions you make whilst working will translate across any listening system!

    The active studio monitors are incredibly versatile. Use the XLR/Jack combo socket and RCA input to easily connect to most studio and Hi-Fi equipment. This speaker sounds great and oozes high aesthetic appeal. The solid MDF wood construction comes coated in a premium long-lasting black satin finish that will integrate with the furnishings of any studio. Enhance your monitoring set-up today!


Full Description
Optimise your sound
If your speakers sound too bright, or bass heavy, don’t worry. This problem can easily be resolved by accessing the back panel. By engaging the HF and LF trim, you’re able to either subtly boost, or attenuate the high and low frequencies by +/- 2.5dB. The inclusion of switch controls makes the 8” active monitors real work horses as they can easily accommodate to any space you’re recording, mixing, and mastering in. Whether you’re in the studio, or at home. You’ll be able to achieve excellent results you can trust, absolutely anywhere.

For global manipulation over the amplitude of your studio monitors, you can adjust the output volume at the rear of each speaker. The active studio monitors feature A/V shielding. This always keeps your speakers sounding great by providing protection against electrical interference from laptops and monitor screens within close proximity.

Finest quality components
When sourcing parts, SubZero don’t skimp on quality. They strive to bring you the very best products available on the market. The use of a woven fibreglass driver cone and silk dome tweeter ensures an improved performance with detailed stereo imaging. This combined with the extended frequency response of 40Hz-22KHz guarantee an unparalleled listening experience. Something which is not common for monitors within this price range. Rest assured knowing these speakers hold their ground against competitors that are triple in value.

LF Driver Power: 75W RMS / 105W Peak / 300W Max
LF Driver Size: 8″
HF Driver Power: 25W RMS / 35W Peak / 100W Max
HF Driver Size : 1″
Inputs (Balanced): .+4dBu Line Level
Inputs (Unbalanced): .-10dBV
Cross Over Frequency : 2.3KHz
Frequency Response: @ -3dB: 40Hz – 22KHz
Signal to Noise: 95dB
Material / Finish: MDF, Black Satin textured PVC
Weight: 10.5KG
Dimensions (mm)(W x H x D): 268 x 395 x 280 mm
Product Code: SZSM-8S


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