SubZero Voyager-15 Hybrid Tube Head, Black



Analog meets digital

Fusing the rich sound of analog tube design with the technical capabilities of digital modelling, the SubZero Voyager-15 Hybrid Tube Head unlocks tonal possibilities only a hybrid design could access. There will be nothing stopping you from customising every aspect of your sound. Choose everything from amplifier type to where the microphone is positioned on the simulated cabinet. When applied, the integrated effects allow you to add a unique sense of dimension to your tone. From subtle slapback, to ethereal flanged reverb, this head can do it all and then some.

Sculpt your sound with dedicated 3-band EQ for both of the channels. These frequency points have been specifically chosen by our design team to ensure the process is as simple as adding/subtracting low, mid and high frequencies to taste. The inclusion of an FX loop is a real asset for pedal enthusiasts, putting all the power in your hands. This allows you to choose whether your pedals are heard pre or post-amplifier. Just remember to store your favourite settings as a preset to recall whenever needed. For live or studio situations, make life easier by sending your signal directly to the desk with the DI output. This is achieved without sacrificing even a drop of tone with the intuitive cab simulation switches and mic position control delivering authentic speaker character.


DSP modelling

The advantages of digital modelling are obvious – instant accessibility and unrivalled versatility. Effortlessly switch from a boutique tweed amp to a high-gain metal monster. The amp model control and cab sim switches give a remarkable level of adaptability, allowing it to suit any application. Choose from 11 wide-ranging amp types:

  • Acoustic– Catering to electro-acoustic guitarists, this mode highlights resonant frequencies.
  • Tweed – Based on the iconic amplifiers of the 50s, articulate and warm with that unmistakable twang.
  • Jazz – Clean and precise, accentuate every subtle detail.
  • Brit Blues – Tight and pleasantly compressed for expressive, musical tones.
  • Brit Rock – Fat, plexi tones with a beefy mid response and plenty of crunch.
  • Brit Hi-Gain – Thick and precise, perfect for heavier playing styles.
  • USA Blues – More headroom than its British counterpart, equally warm and articulate.
  • USA Rock – Throaty with a hint of grit.
  • USA Hi-Gain – Razor sharp while retaining clarity.
  • Deutschmetal – Extreme gain and hard clipping for insane tones.
  • USA Metal – Aggressive and heavily distorted.

Rugged design

It’s hard to believe so many advanced features could be packed into such a compact design. Thanks to its robust, durable enclosure, the Voyager-15 is built to withstand the inevitable knocks and scrapes that come with extensive use. Its sheer versatility makes it an invaluable tool on stage, in the studio, or even creating mammoth tones at home or in a practice space. Connect any 2-button footswitch (not included) to make cycling through presets even easier. With its smart aesthetic, intuitive control layout, and consistently huge tones, this amp head provides a remarkably easy way to instantly expand your sonic arsenal. There’s even a built-in tuner for ultimate convenience.


  • Fuse T1.6A
  • Dimensions: 525 x 310 x 285mm
  • Weight: 10.8 KGS
  • Power Output: 15w/RMS/(8Ω/16Ω)
  • Power Consumption: 90W
  • EQ Pot Specs: Treble: 6KHz (-8dB to +8dB)
  • Middle: 1KHz (-8dB to + 8dB)
  • Bass: 100Hz (-11dB to + 10dB)
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