SubZero Saturn-15VR Celestion Seventy 80 Tube Amp Combo, Black


Key Features

  • Single channel 15W combo amp perfect for a wide range of styles
  • Achieve any tone with authentic spring reverb, 3-band EQ and effect loop
  • Performance you can rely on thanks to handpicked valves and durable exterior
  • Provides the perfect pedal platform for external effects


The SubZero Saturn-15VR Celestion Seventy/80 Tube Amp Combo offers an abundance of power in a compact form. Incredibly versatile, this 15W amp is capable of providing a broad range of tones to suit a whole host of musical styles and genres. From Jazz to Blues, and Rock to Pop, you’ll be able to tweak your sound to perfection with the integrated 3-band EQ, whilst the all analog design, including three 12AX7 and two EL84 valves ensures maximum signal integrity for rich, thick full-bodied tones.

Built for any occasion. The inclusion of a “High/Low” is a key asset to the Saturn-15VR, enhancing its playability by allowing you to choose between a solid 15W output to project your sound and a 1W output, perfect for achieving “break-up” style tones without excessive volume levels. Take advantage of the FX loop for maximum control over your sound, enabling you to split your pedal chain between pre and post preamp. Merge all these exciting features with the authentic analog spring reverb and you’ve got an exceptional combo amp at a price which won’t break the bank!


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