SubZero D12 Active DSP PA Speaker & D15S Subwoofer Bundle


Key Features

  • Complete, powerful Bluetooth PA system with speaker, subwoofer, pole, and cable
  • Rich, detailed sound from 12″ loudspeaker with five DSP presets to choose from
  • Deep, impactful bass from high-performance 15″ woofers with Class-D technology
  • Connect microphones, instruments, and more
  • The SubZero 12″ Active DSP PA Speaker & 15″ Subwoofer Bundle comes with everything you need to put on a great show – no matter what your experience. Become your own live sound engineer with a loudspeaker, subwoofer and media player, as well as a handful of accessories. Plug in, play, and achieve clear, powerful sound without the know how. Whether you’re in a band, a public speaker, or anything in between, you’ll be setup and ready to perform without complicated equipment holding you back.

    Just connect your microphone, instrument, or playback device to the speakers and enjoy deep, defined sound from the SZS-D12 with its 12″ woofer and 1.35″ tweeter. Stream music via Bluetooth, or play content from your USB or SD card via the comprehensive media player. It’s easy to tailor your speaker to a variety of applications with five DSP sound settings to choose from.

    Add to that a SZS-D15S subwoofer, and you’ve got huge, pronounced bass with 1200W maximum power output. The subwoofer extends the low frequency response of your PA, helping you achieve a punchy, pronounced sound when you perform live. With this all-in-one package, it’s easy for anyone to get everyone moving to the beat – no technical expertise required.


Full Description
SubZero 12″ Active DSP PA Speaker
More bass. Less bulk
The SZS-D12 delivers power without sacrificing portability. Utilising advanced class-D amplification technology, the speaker can reach huge volumes without the need for heavy internal components or heat sinks. You get 1400W maximum power output, pronounced low-end from a 12” woofer, and max SPLs of 124dB – all from a PA system that fits neatly in the boot of your car.

Enjoy music anywhere
Thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity you’ll be to free to enjoy music without having to be in close proximity of the DSP PA speaker. There’s no need for wires, simply connect your mobile, tablet or laptop to the speaker and you’re good to go. Whether you’re performing to crowds outdoors or are in the garden with friends, the speaker is perfect for setting the mood in any environment.

Fine tune your sound
Ready for any occasion. The SZS-D12 gives you quick, easy control of your sound output. With a choice of five DSP audio presets on board, you’ll be fully setup at the touch of a button. FLAT delivers, neutral, unprocessed sound, making it perfect for external mixers and critical listening applications. SPEECH is ideal for public speaking scenarios, giving you crisp, clear sound that helps your voice cut through. Add energy to music at home, parties, and in the garden with MUSIC mode. Optimise your live performances with the LIVE low-end boost. Or get the party started with the CLUB setting, specifically designed to help dance music drive. Whatever you need, the SZS-D12 has got you covered.

SubZero 15″ Active DSP PA SubWoofer
Small size. Huge capabilities
The SZSW-D15S seamlessly combines power and portability. Utilising advanced class-D amplification technology, the speaker can reach impressive volumes without the need for heavy internal components or heat sinks. You’ll get huge sound output without distortion, pronounced low-end across an extended frequency response, and impressive transient response – all from a subwoofer you can carry to the venue. It’s a perfect match with the Subzero DSP PA speaker range, allowing you to deliver high-fidelity sound to any audience.

What’s included?
1 x SubZero 12″ Active DSP PA Speaker
1 x SubZero D15S DSP PA Subwoofer
1 x PA Speaker Pole by Gear4music
1 x XLR (F) – Balanced ¼” Jack Pro Cable, 3m
2 x UK Power cable
2 x EU power cable
2 x User guide
SubZero 12″ Active DSP PA Speaker
Reach huge volumes with 1400W max power output
Deep, defined sound from a 12” woofer
Crisp, clear highs from a 1.35” titanium tweeter
Plug and play design
Independent level control for each channel
Adjust volumes for every channel via the master output control
Ideal for microphones, instruments, and media players with 6.3mm jack, XLR, and RCA phono inputs
Fine tune your sound with five DSP presets
Play music from your SD card, USB, or Bluetooth device with the integrated digital media player
Monitor your speaker’s status with LED indicators for power, signal, and clip
Lightweight, portable design for mobile applications
Tackles knocks and drops with a robust, roadworthy enclosure
SubZero 15″ Active DSP PA SubWoofer
Capable of reaching huge volumes with 1200W max. power output
Deep, defined bottom end from a powerful 15” woofer
Accurate bass reproduction across a wide frequency response (50Hz – 150Hz)
Efficient and reliable with class-D amplification technology
Increase bass output by 10dB with the Boost button
Correct phase cancellation issues with the 180-degree phase reverse switch
Monitor your speaker’s status with dedicated LED indicators for Power, Signal, and Clip
Adjust levels with the master volume knob
Connect to mixing desks, PAs, and more via the 6.3mm TS Jack/XLR input
Pristine signal integrity from a balanced, mono summed, full range XLR output
Handles knocks and drops with ease thanks to a robust, roadworthy enclosure
SubZero 12″ Active DSP PA Speaker
Amplifier type: Class D
Power: 350W (RMS), 500W (peak), 1400W (max)
LF Driver: 12”
HF Driver: 1.35” titanium
Impedance: 4 ohms
Sensitivity: 96dB
Max SPL rating: 124dB
Frequency response: 60Hz – 20KHz
AC power input: 110-115V / 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Fuse type: 6.35A. 250V (110- 120V), 3.15A, 250V (220-240V)
Power consumption: 400W
Weight: 18kg
Dimensions: 380mm x 345mm x 610mm
SubZero 15″ Active DSP PA SubWoofer
Speaker type: Active
Cabinet: Painted 15mm MDF
Amplifier: Class D DSP
RMS power: 300W
Peak power: 420W
Max. power: 1200W
Subwoofer: 15”
Voice coil: 3” (with 60oz ferrite magnet
Impedance (total): 4 Ohm
Sensitivity: 96dB
Max. SPL rating: 124dB
Frequency response: 50Hz – 150Hz
AC power input: 110-120V / 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Fuse type: 6.3A, 250V (110- 120V), 3.15A, 250V (220-240V)
Weight: 29kg
Dimensions: 565mm x 450mm x 540mm


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