Harlem Headless Guitar by Gear4music, Trans Black


Key Features

  • Headless guitar without double-ball strings
  • Ultra-lightweight 2kg design
  • Zero fret ensures even tone across open and fretted notes
  • Magnetic wrench in the bridge for rapid tuning and restringing
  • Loud, wild and distinctive. From the ground up the Harlem Headless Guitar by Gear4music has been designed to break free from the ordinary. Featuring an ultra-lightweight body, valley-like cutaways, and a pair of high-output ceramic humbuckers, the Harlem Headless is available to all players wanting something versatile, diverse, and a little bit outrageous. Escort your playing to exhilarating places and find inspiration in a guitar that is screaming to be played.

Full Description
Lose your head

No heads are better than one. Losing the headstock altogether promotes even tension across the strings, reduces guitar maintenance, and your valuable playing routine is consequently increased. Time is limited. Now you can play for longer. Bonus.

Your strings, your thing

Strings are personal. So is your tone. Headless guitars often require special “double-ball” strings to operate – with the Harlem Headless, you can use your regular guitar strings. We’ve designed this guitar so you can carry on playing the branded strings you love, or experiment with others. The choice is all yours. Your tone is a gift and we want you to keep it.

Take it to the bridge

Do things differently and tune at the bridge. With the headstock out of the equation, the bridge doubles up its duties and masters both – not only is it easy to use, the bridge also gives you assured tuning stability, too. A magnetic wrench securely slots inside; the only tool you’ll need for fine-tuning adjustments and rapid string changes. It couldn’t be easier.

Access all areas

Be no stranger to higher notes. If you’ve wanted to reach the topmost frets with confidence, now you can. With stunningly sculpted cutaways, drift along the mahogany neck and let your fingers dance over all 24 frets effortlessly. There’s also a zero-fret, which improves sustain and ensures open notes sound the same as fretted notes. Have that edge and level-up as a player with ease.

Rock out like Beethoven

Be a cut above the rest. Ergonomically designed, the Harlem Headless is ultra-lightweight. We’ve deliberately removed the bottom-right corner of the guitar, creating its distinctive shape and significantly reducing the weight. At just 2kg and 81cm long, the bulk is considerably less compared to traditional guitars, making longer playing periods much more pleasurable. There’s an added bonus, too. The unique body shape also gives you access to more comfortable seating positions. Inspired by the ‘classical’ playing position, this promotes a much better posture and encourages better technique, while assisting players who have inhibited mobility and want to play more than their current instrument allows. It gives far less strain on the fretting arm, making chords and technical exercises easier than before.

Turn heads

Topped with Ash Burl and finished in a beautiful black burst, each guitar is unique with its individual wood pattern, making this a distinctively attractive guitar to own. With its radical appearance and unusual design, the Harlem Headless will be sure to captivate anyone who looks in your direction.

Body & Bridge
Model: Harlem headless guitar by Gear4music
Body: Basswood with Ash Burl top
Construction: Bolt-on, with ultra access carve
Finish: Black Burst
Neck & Fingerboard
Neck: Mahogany
Nut Width: 42mm
Neck Thickness at the First Fret: within 21 mm plus/minus 0.5mm
Neck Thickness at the 12th Fret: within 24 mm plus/minus 0.5mm
Truss Rod: Dual Action
Fingerboard: Oiled ebonized Poplar laminate
Fingerboard Radius: 15.75”/400mm
Scale: Full size 648mm / 25.5″
Frets: 24 Jumbo with zero fret
Pickups & Hardware
Bridge: Headless bridge system with magnetic tuning wrench
Tuners: Headless strings, ball-end anchor
Hardware Finish: Black
Pickups: 2 x high output, ceramic humbucking pickups
Controls: 1 x volume, 3-way pickup selector switch
Included Accessories
1/4″ jack cable
Gig bag
Length: 810mm
Width: 312mm
Depth: 44mm
Weight: 2kg


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