10W Electric Guitar Amp by Gear4music



Ready for all occasions

Ideal for beginners and bedroom guitarists alike. This is the ideal first amplifier for those starting out on their musical journey. Equally, it’s a handy companion for anyone looking for portable, powerful performance from a practice amp. From bedrooms to practice spaces, this is an amp that allows you to grow as a musician and will accompany you every step of the way. It’s sheer simplicity and robust shell allows it to withstand the rigors of continued use whilst providing the perfect foundation for guitarists to build on.

Take control

  • Gain– For cleaner tones position this knob at a relatively low number. This is perfect for when you desire clarity. You’ll notice that as you increase the gain your tone will start to thicken as harmonics are introduced.
  • Volume– This controls your overall level. Perfect for when you need to switch between lower volumes for practice, but also would like to crank it at times. 10w ensures there’s plenty of volume on tap, use this knob to dial to perfection.
  • Treble– Treble is your high-end ‘sparkle’. If darker tones are your thing, keep this control relatively low. If you want shimmering high-end then a higher setting will allow you to access this with ease.
  • Bass– Taper your bass response with ease. This alters the amount of low-end present in your tone. Eliminate any hint of bass at lower levels or get deep, powerful bottom end at higher settings.

Versatile practice possibilities

The 3.5mm aux input is an intuitive addition and allows you to play backing tracks alongside your own playing. Now you can play along with your favourite artists and guitarists from a single amp. This makes life easier, no more messing around trying to get levels right with an external speaker. Just plug in your mobile device, select a track, set volume, and jam along perfectly in-sync with the song. This helps make this amp the perfect practice partner.

A wide range of options available

This amplifier is only suitable for electric guitars. For guitarists wanting a little more power, the 15W Electric Guitar Amp by Gear4music is an ideal option. For bassists, the 15W Electric Bass Amp by Gear4music provides equally comprehensive performance and is optimised for bass frequencies. Similarly, for acoustic guitarists, the 15W Acoustic Guitar Amp by Gear4music is better suited to the harmonic overtones more prominent from acoustic guitars.

Find out more

For more information on the 10W Electric Guitar Amp by Gear4music please click here.


  • Output: 10W Max
  • Speaker: 5″
  • Front Panel Controls:Gain, Volume, 2-band EQ (Treble, Bass)
  • Power Switch: LED indicator
  • Guitar Input: 1/4″ Jack
  • Auxiliary Input: 3.5mm – ideal for playing along to backing tracks
  • Headphones Output: 3.5mm jack, speaker defeating
  • Dimensions: 235mm x 257mm x 125mm


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