VASSY Drops Super Energetic New Single & Music Video for, ‘Krazy’

Emerging from the serene landscapes of Darwin, Australia, and capturing the vibrant pulse of Los Angeles’ music heartbeat, VASSY is not just a musician but an anthem creator. Her unique ability to weave memorable melodies and narrate captivating tales is evident as she unveils her latest track, “Krazy,” now available under the prestigious Spinnin’ Records, a partner of Warner Music Group.

VASSY’s music resonates with a worldwide audience, and she’s known for electrifying performances, whether it’s the dynamic arenas of Coachella and Ultra Music Festival or the global radio frequencies that bind music lovers.

In “Krazy,” VASSY truly shines, blending intense energy with soul-touching vocals. She describes the song as “cathartic chaos,” an empowering tune that mirrors her triumphs over professional hurdles. This track follows closely behind her recent chart-topping dance single “Pieces” and the international sensation “Bad,” which dominated charts in over 30 nations, amassing more than 2 billion streams.

In her collaboration with Spinnin’ Records, VASSY is on a mission to redefine norms. This partnership marks the beginning, with a slew of songs ready to highlight her musical metamorphosis, demonstrating that a solo journey can still pack a punch. To add a dash of excitement, the “Krazy” release is complemented by a groundbreaking music video, emphasizing VASSY’s penchant for challenging the status quo.

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