Tobtok and farfetch’d Team Up for Groovy New Experimental EP “My Friends”

Long time friends and studio buddies, Tobtok and farfetch’d, finally reveal their 6-track My Friends EP in all its experimental glory. Marking an evolution in sound from their multi-platinum-selling singles of yesteryear, this passion project draws inspiration from all sides of their musical tastes, spanning house through rave, French and glitch with sprinkles of disco and a kick of breaks and drum ’n’ bass.

The EP opens up with “I Like When You,” a delightful French piano house tune. Bristling with energy, this track sets the tone for the EP, with its distant vocals and bright piano notes along a bustling beat. The next track, “So Good” takes in even farther with an almost choral vocal singing along with the building piano notes.

Next, we come to the title track, featuring more of a modern house breakdown before we get the amazing synths that take the track to the next level. The next track, “We All Fall Down” finally sees the duo explore more vibey and emotional territory. The house beats are still there in the background, but the synths and production all point to something more introspective.

The penultimate track on the EP, “Heartbeats” evokes Disclosure like beats and percussion, with a slow vibe perfect for just after peak hours. Finally, the EP ends with Movin’ On, a disco house masterpiece that will have you shaking your hips well after the track has finished.

“The concept was to do something really playful”, Tobtok explains, “We experimented with new ways of thinking. We tried not to think about what’s going to stream or what’s gonna go viral on TikTok, we just wanted to make music that we like.”

Check out the My Friends EP from Tobtok and farfetch’d, out now on Perfect Havoc.

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