Rising incredibly in the world of music, meet Dea.

Dea has proved her mettle in the entertainment space in the past few years with her electrifying performances and significant hits.

So much has already been spoken about individuals who, at every step of the way, have shown their brilliance in all that they have chosen to lay their hands on. Interestingly, the youngsters who have spellbound people with incredible efforts and a never-say-die attitude have catapulted to massive success and growth in their careers.

The entertainment industry, especially the music space, has never seen a dearth of talents; however, there have been a handful of individuals who have shown what it takes to become one’s best version, just like Dea did in her career, especially with her consistent rise in the last few years. Dea is a popular pop singer who confesses how, since childhood, she has loved and felt herself the most inclined towards everything creative and artistic. Music gave her a reason to be; it became an outlet of expression that she feels grateful for.

She also says how, surprisingly, the road to a great musical career began with a child’s play. As a young girl, she loved mimicking the voices of the characters in her favorite cartoons, which her parents noticed. They suggested she repeat vocal exercises to help her become a good singer in the future. She later enrolled in a music school, and that’s how she took her first steps towards her dreams and aspirations in music. She is living that future today. Dea is ever grateful to her loving parents for supporting her so much. Born in 1997 in Moscow, Dea today is well on her way to spreading her presence beyond her country with the massive musical talent she has shown in her career.

Her musical hits have been songs from her solo album “Parallels.” Also, her first single, “Don’t Fly Away!” received excellent reception from music lovers and listeners. Dea (@dea_singer_official) is confident of her journey ahead in the music scene and is excited about what she will offer her beloved audiences and listeners in the coming times.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Rising incredibly in the world of music, meet Dea.

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