SubZero SA-60 Guitar Amp


Key Features

  • Ultimate control – independent channel EQs, 60-Watt output, and reverb
  • Clean and distorted channels for an endless range of tones
  • Practice silently using the headphone jack
  • Additional reverb effect for big, ambient sounds

Full Description

Excellent Tonal Capabilities

The perfect gigging amp for any experimenting guitarist. The SubZero SA60 features two separate clean and drive channels. Both channels feature independent volume controls and EQ, so you can experiment with different levels of distortion. Manipulate your sound with a 3 band EQ on the drive channel or a 2 band EQ on the clean, for a tone that is completely unique to you and your sound. From a classic rock crunch to the cleaner tones of jazz and blues, this amplifier is as versatile as possible and suitable for any style.

Open-back Ambience with Additional Reverb

The SubZero SA60 packs a punch. Featuring an open back design this amp provides improved resonance with a well projected sound. Explore new sounds and amp up the ambience with an additional master reverb effect. The powerful and ambient sound of an open back amplifier can be given added resonance without the need of buying an external pedal or unit.

Perfect for Practice

The SubZero SA60 is built for practice. You can work on songs through the night with a handy headphone output. With the SubZero SA60 solid state amp you can also jam along to your favourite tracks or work on new songs. With a stereo RCA input you can connect you phone or mp3 player for quick and easy backing tracks! Also included is a foot switch input and effects loop return/send to bring power and tone of the SA15 to your effects pedals.


    • Inputs: 1/4″ Jack Guitar input, 1/4″ Jack Foot Switch input, RCA input
    • Outputs: 1/4″ Jack Headphone Output
    • Effects Loop: Send / Return
    • Channels: Clean, Drive
    • Cabinet Design: Open Back
    • Controls:


      • Channel Select
      • Volume
      • Bass
      • Treble


      • Channel Select
      • Gain
      • Volume
      • Contour
      • Bass
      • Treble


      • Bass
      • Middle
      • Treble


    • 0-10 Reverb
  • Maximum Power Output: 60 Watts
  • Speaker Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Speaker Size: 12 Inches
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 80 Watts
  • Power Input: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: T1A, 250V
  • Construction material: MDF


  • Width: 530mm
  • Height: 520mm
  • Depth: 280mm
  • Weight: 17.8kg


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