Subzero SA-20 MKII 10″ Mini Full Stack


Key Features

  • Four distinct gain stages, and built-in reverb
  • Explore sonic possibilities with an effects loop
  • Two 10″ guitar cabs give you the power to perform larger gigs
  • Play along with aux input, and listen back on headphones
  • 2 Speaker Cable, Jack to Jack 1m leads included

Full Description
Four Types of Overdrive
Perform distinctive tones. You get a great clean channel, plus four distinct drive modes. Perform the perfect blues line in Crunch mode, rock in Overdrive mode, cut through the mix in the Lead mode, and create a rich wall of sound in the High Gain metal mode. The SA-20 MKII amp head produces a huge variety of tones to suit all playing styles – great for gigging guitarists performing in multiple styles.

Easily customise your guitar’s tone. The gain knob lets you adjust just how much drive is added. You can also change the output of each channel independently, using the clean’s volume and the drive’s level controls. Craft your bass, mid and treble frequencies using the 3-band EQ.

Expand Your Performance
Add musical effects to your sound. The SubZero SA-20 MKII includes a built-in reverb, with control over the decay time. For a stand-out custom sound, you can also plug in your favourite guitar pedals using the FX loop connections (1/4″ jack). Aux and MP3 inputs (1/4″ and 3.5mm jack) make it easy to play along to backing tracks, too. Plug in a stereo jack cable to perform with your CD player, smartphone or tablet.

Built for the Road
Just like other SubZero amps, the SA-20 MKII amp head is constructed for the needs of gigging guitarists. The tough body is strong and durable – and the solid state electronics mean this amp is robust. This ensures it’s easy and convenient to transport between your gigs and practise sessions.

SubZero SA-20E MKII Multi-Drive Amp Head
Max Output Power: 20 Watts
Output Speaker Impedance: Min 4 Ohms
Power Input: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: Max 25W
Fuse: 5A, 250V
Dimensions: 440mm x 420mm x 250mm
Weight: 5kg
Construction material: MDF
Compatible Footswitch: SubZero SA20E-5FS 5-Button Footswitch NOT INCLUDED
SubZero GC110 1×10″ Guitar Cabinet
Power: 30 Watts @ 8Ω
Speakers: 1 x 10″
Construction material: MDF
Height: 440mm
Width: 420mm
Depth: 250mm
Weight 9.5kg


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