SubZero Praxis10 DSP Musicians Monitor



Pro monitoring for musicians

The Praxis10 features a tweeter array comprised of three high-frequency drivers, designed for wide dispersion and high-end clarity – so you’ll hear your instrument’s every nuance. The powerful low-frequency driver, reproduces the mid to low frequencies of your instrument, so you are ensured a full sound. As a whole you’ll get accurate monitoring which will allow you to focus on what really matters: performing.

Versatile DSP options

The DSP preset selection makes the Praxis a versatile monitor – whatever instrument you play.

“Normal” provides a smooth natural sound. A gradual low-frequency roll-off removes unwanted sub-frequency energy, while gentle dips in the low-mids reduce “boxiness”. There’s also a dip in the high mids, reducing harshness, and a gradual top end rise for a professional sheen.

“Guitar” improves the sound of DI guitars. A low-frequency roll-off with a subtle 100-200Hz boost provides body and weight. While boosts at 1kHz-3kHz improve definition and plectrum attack, so your guitar cuts through and is heard clearly. This is reinforced by a generous top-end boost, improving overall clarity.

“Keyboard” is designed for digital pianos and keyboards. A gradual roll-off at 70Hz, with dips in the low-mids, removes unwanted frequencies. And boosts in the mid to high frequencies improves presence.

“Drums” is ideal for electronic drum kits. A low-frequency boost provides increased sub energy, so you’ll not only hear your drums, but feel them too. This is tamed by a natural roll-off to remove low-end rumble, while a high-frequency boost enhances the definition of each drum hit.

Ideal for the working musician

Whether you’re on-the-road, or in your practice room; the Praxis10 is a solid companion. It has a compact, lightweight, and durable design, so is easy to carry and store when not in use. Two combi XLR/Jack inputs allow you to connect up to two instruments simultaneously. And you can take direct feeds from the left or right channels of a mixing desk too.

High quality sound meets super silent operation

Class D amplification systems provide high-quality sound, reliable performance, and silent operation. This means the Praxis10 can be used for extended periods of time without the risk of overheating. The system also makes the monitor lightweight – so it’s ideal for live performance and touring applications.

Position however you desire

The Praxis10 has multiple positioning options, making it suitable for a range of contexts. Set it up on the floor, on a pole, or even angled with a 7-degree tilt. This is excellent for versatility in contexts where space is more of an issue.


  • Frequency Response: 55Hz – 19KHz
  • Power Output: 300W RMS / 430W Peak / 1200W Max
  • Max SPL (Peak): 132dB
  • Amplifier Type: Class D + AB
  • Coverage Angle: 120degress x 20degrees
  • LF Transducer: 10” Woofer, 2” Voice Coil
  • HF Transducer: 3 x 2.75” Wideband Speakers
  • Cross Over Frequency: 1.1KHz
  • Handles: 1 x Top, 2 x Sides
  • Material: PP
  • Pole Socket: 2 x 35mm (0 degress, 7 degrees)
  • Input Connections: 2 x Balanced Combi XLR/Jack
  • Output Connections: 1 x Balanced XLR
  • Dimensions: H:540mm x W: 325mm x D:310mm
  • Weight: 12.3kg
  • Input Power: 110-120V/220-240V
  • Fuse: 250V, T2A/120V, T4A
  • Power Consumption: 300W
  • Product Code: SZ-PRAXIS10
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