SubZero GC212 2×12″ Guitar Cabinet


Key Features

  • 120W and 12″ speakers for a detailed and vibrant tone
  • Focused power and enhanced tonality with semi-open design
  • Detailed and highly sensitive speakers for versatile amplification
  • Perfect for gigging – 360 swivel castors and reinforced outer

Full Description
Ideal for Stage and Studio
The SubZero SZ-GC212 2 x 12″ Guitar Cabinet is great for any gigging guitarist. You get two speakers in one reliable cabinet. Each speaker moves enough air to keep up with any band situation, whilst the overall flat design means hearing yourself on stage won’t be a problem. In addition to gigs, this speaker cabinet is perfect for studio work. The responsive and articulate speakers work well mic’d up for a clear and defined sound.

Power, Versatility and Quality
Take your music to the stage. The SubZero SZ-GC212 2 x 12″ Guitar Cabinet uses well thought out design for premium power and tone. The 120W 8Ω speakers have a simple in and out connection making it easy to connect to your amp head. Designed for a tighter low end with focused low mid and bass frequencies. The semi-open back design pushes out a huge sound with stunning ambient power that is made for the stage.

Classic Looks
The classic black cloth grill with white piping mixed and subtle stripes on the black tolex gives the cabinet a distinctive look. Weighing in at 25kg, with swivel castors attached to the base of the cabinet, the SZ-GC212 is easy to manoeuvre. Great for gigs and travelling musicians! A cabinet that is built to last. The wooden structure with reinforced corners will stand the test of time, even when travelling from gig to gig.

Semi-open cabinet for a projected, ambient tone
Reinforced corners, vinyl covering and 360° castors
Designed to reduce vibrations
Comfortable carrying handle for easy transportation
Power: 120 Watts @ 8Ω
Speakers: 2 x 12″
Construction material: MDF
Height: 700mm
Width: 560mm
Depth: 270mm
Weight 25.5kg


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