SubZero GC112 1×12″ Guitar Cabinet



For Stage and Studio

One quality speaker. One portable and robust cabinet. The SubZero SZ-GC112 features a large 12-inch speaker driver. It moves a large volume of air, resulting in stronger bass frequencies and increased projection. You get a tighter and more controlled low-end, and you’ll even feel some of the lowest frequencies produced by your guitar.

The 60W speaker is housed in a semi-open back cabinet. Designed to complement your tone, it helps provide a rich, clean sound with increased clarity. It also lets some of your sound travel behind the cabinet, so your band members can hear you too.

With a huge 60-Watt output, the SubZero SZ-GC112 12″ guitar cabinet is built for the stage. But it also brings something extra to studio work. The responsive and articulate speaker works well when mic’d up. Providing a clear and defined sound that’s great for any gigging or session guitarist.

Power, Versatility and Quality

Built to be durable. The SubZero SZ-GC112 features no-nonsense connections and engineering. This means you get the purest sound from your guitar, with lightning-quick setup times. A simple 1-in 1-out connection panel makes it easy to connect to your amp head. And you can daisy-chain extra cabinets using the jack output too.

Sleek Design

Minimalist looks. A classic black cloth grill, with subtle stripes on the black tolex sides. The heavy-duty construction has been designed for regular gigging. The wooden structure includes reinforced corners and there’s a heavy-duty carry handle at the top of the cabinet. Built for life on the road.


  • Max output: 60W
  • Speaker impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Speaker size: 12 inches
  • Cabinet type: semi-open back
  • Input: 1/4″ jack
  • Output: 1/4″ jack
  • Dimensions: h510mm x w530mm x d285mm
  • Construction material: MDF
SubZero LogoThe latest in music technology, for modern musicians and producers. SubZero combines innovation and quality, with the determination to help you get the sound you want. From studio and guitars, to powerful PA systems and home audio setups – SubZero is all about cutting-edge audio.


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