Premiere: Elohim Releases Vulnerable New Single “Can’t Remember Your Name”

Elohim is without a doubt of the most prominent female acts right now in Electronic Music, known for lyrics that go straight to your heart with beats that make you want to dance.

Today, she’s back with her first single of 2024, “Can’t Remember Your Name.” Building on the emotional depth of her previous track, “Broken Face,” released in December, Elohim delves deeper into the intricacies of her mental journey with this new release. In “Can’t Remember Your Name,” she unveils her experiences with the fluctuating challenges of finding comfort in prescription medication, a personal struggle she confronted during her tour in the autumn of 2023.

Within a span of merely two weeks, she shed more than ten pounds and grappled with uncontrollable shaking and daily vomiting, all stemming from overwhelming anxiety and panic. Recognizing the perilous health implications of excessive benzodiazepine use, Elohim’s team intervened, concluding that it was imperative for her to return home and seek assistance.

Elohim shares her experience, saying “medication has been amazing, life-saving, and life-changing for me but it also began to lead me down a dark and unhealthy path. When I was touring in the fall I wasn’t myself. I was puking every day, I couldn’t stop shaking, I couldn’t eat. I felt and looked like a zombie. Taking a small prescribed dose of benzodiazepines to get through in an emergency was nothing new to me but this level of anxiety and panic was. After those two weeks on the road I realized I could not rely on temporary fixes, I needed a proper treatment plan. I made the decision to cancel the rest of the tour, go home, and focus on my health. I am happy to share that with the help of medical professionals I have a solid treatment plan which includes SSRIs, exercise, and intensive therapy. ‘Can’t Remember Your Name’ is a song that explores the ups and downs I experienced taking medication.”

“Can’t Remember Your Name” is a mesmerizing combination of pop melodies driven by vibrant bass elements. The track envelops Elohim’s consistently ethereal vocals with swelling bass, resonant synths, and an irresistible beat. Featuring resonant traces of vulnerability and serving as a powerful testament to the unpredictable highs and lows of medication, “Can’t Remember Your Name” fearlessly immerses itself into the psyche of Elohim.

Check it out below!

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