New Artist Spotlight: Millennium Resorts Combines the Best Parts of Future Bass, Dream Pop, and Prog Rock in Upcoming Album

With a base or early synth pop, the shoegaze concept of wall of sound and a heavy bent towards experimental or progressive electronica, the first single off Millennium Resorts’ shows how far one can take all of those genres. The Austin production/musician duo has technically made two singles out of the first track on their upcoming album, In the Key of David, because they are quite different from each other. If they were a fully EDM outfit, they might have called them an original and a VIP mix, but with one foot soundly in prog rock and shoegaze, they used “full album version” and “radio edit.” No matter what you call them, the two versions of “Happiness” are a great introduction into the immersive, multi-genre world of Millennium Resorts.

With “Happiness” releasing just this past week on October 27, Millennium Resorts plan to release one more track, “The Big Show,” before In the Key of David drops on January 26. Presumably, these are the first two tracks of the album, as they’ve said it’s a concept album and meant to be listened to from start to finish.

One of the most important aspects of ‘In The Key of David’ is that it is meant to be listened to from front to back. The album was composed and executed as an album. It was never just a song here and there, it was completely outlined before the production started.

That said, “Happiness” works quite well as a stand-alone piece. With shoegaze-style ambient programming and guitar riffs licking at the edges of the song, the full version channels dream pop like M83 or Washed Out but with a different, more rock-forward format. The Moog-style ambient synths are there to support the vox and guitar rather than all the elements flowing together. As the duo were inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd and other progressive rock acts in the genre’s heyday, it makes sense that “Happiness” would flow in this way. With a healthy dose of experimental composition as well, the album piece is somewhere in the space where MGMT would meet Silversun Pickups: utilizing all the best elements of every modern genre to create an immersive and emotive experience. Once the guitar solo kicks in near the end of the nearly eight-minute track, listeners will be completely drawn in.

The radio edit of “Happiness” has a shorter intro but there is nonetheless a different intro created for it. The verse and initial music also sound more minimal and raw. Whether this is because the Millennium Resorts created different production or simply because the cuts and edits are so masterful that it creates the feeling of a completely different track doesn’t really matter; it’s a different experience.

Aside from all the style and substance of their work, Millennium Resorts seem to be all about the experience. They want to immerse the listener in this world of sound they’ve created, and if “Happiness” is anything to go by, they’re excellent at doing just that. In the Key of David will likely be an even headier experience, and fans of this experimental style of dream pop mixed with prog rock and a touch of future bass should look forward to it.

“Happiness” is out now and can be streamed on Spotify or Bandcamp. The subsequent teaser track and the full album In the Key of David will be available on these same platforms in November and January, respectively.

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