Lauren Mia releases impressive debut album – RE:BIRTH

Multi-disciplinary musician and producer Lauren Mia recently released her highly anticipated debut album RE:BIRTH – an impressive 13 track composition is a vulnerable and symbolic tale of growth, self-reflection and actualization that drives through the tracks and into the spirit of her audience.

Boasting expertly produced analog soundscapes and ferocious melodic chord progressions, the album expands upon the composer’s roots in Melodic Techno and Progressive House. Starting off with “Initium”, the Latin word for beginning, the album’s triad of singles leading up to its ultimate release follow, which put just a sample of Lauren’s musical range in the spotlight. Listeners saw the shadow-work inspired “Shadow”, plant medicine influenced “Ceremony”, and flow-state fueled Ashes In Paradise” showcase the diversity to be expected from her first full body of work.

With her first hard techno deliveries like “444”, expansive melodic spectacles like “OliM”, brooding progressive productions like “Fidelity”, and energetic, percussively eclectic installments like “Lakshmi” – RE:BIRTH is a full-bodied delivery of expansive electronic music that while varied, unequivocally boasts Lauren Mia’s impactful, dynamic signature sound throughout each of its measures.

Listen below!

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