[INTERVIEW] Sasha M Opens Up About Her Incredible Career Thus Far & Recent Single “How To Spot A Narcissist”

Sasha M is a dance-pop sensation from Singapore, who’s garnered quite the buzz around her music, especially her latest single, “How To Spot A Narcissist,” seamlessly blending the introspective edge of electronic music with the infectious rhythms of pop. This track epitomizes the essence of contemporary electro-pop, marked by its vocal intensity and a captivating sonic palette that commands attention.

Sasha M’s musical journey unfolds as a tale of self-discovery and artistic authenticity. Collaborating with industry luminaries such as Eddie Wohl and Seth Munson, she has refined her art, creating music with a global resonance. Her collaboration with Hasso on the single “Loaded” secured a top position on Spotify Germany’s Viral 50 chart, underscoring her wide-ranging international appeal.

We had the opportunity to speak with her about the single and her career thus far. Check it out below!

How has your journey from the vocal trio SASS to a solo artist influenced the evolution of your music style, particularly in your latest single “How To Spot A Narcissist”?

Our girl group was all about empowerment – strong female characters who don’t take nonsense from anybody. Much of my current work retains those values. Having lived in several toxic environments, I firmly believe that you should not be mistreated in any aspect of your life – be it by your boss, your bank, or your boyfriend.

Can you share your experience working with industry experts like Eddie Wohl and Seth Munson, and how these collaborations have shaped your music?

It’s been an honor to get to work with, and learn from, industry experts. As someone from Singapore with no prior connections to the music industry in the US, I’m very fortunate for every opportunity. Working with them showed me what professional quality work looks like and sounds like. It gave me the standards I now uphold in my work moving forward.

“Loaded,” in collaboration with Hasso, achieved significant success on Spotify Germany’s Viral 50 chart. To what do you attribute the international appeal of your music?

I write about universal themes – “Loaded” in particular describes a moment in a toxic relationship where the persona has been gaslighted and is taking the blame for the sorry state of their relationship. Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation where the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion in their victim’s mind. It happens when the abuser doesn’t take accountability for their actions, and it’s a big problem for partners who are empathetic. I believe this is unfortunately a very common occurrence that many people, regardless of location, can relate to.

Your music blends electronic and pop elements. How do you balance these genres to create a unique sound, as evident in “How To Spot A Narcissist”?

I pick my collaborators well. When I started writing this song, I already had an idea of how it should sound – a little darker than my usual music, but still upbeat and pop. Riccardo, who produced the track, has worked with me since 2018 and knows me very well musically. I gave him my idea and he knocked the beat out of the park. Fun fact, I actually wrote the bassline on the chorus! My other co-writer on the track, Lauren, is a master at dark, moody songs. She came up with the vocal hook in the chorus, which is the most EDM part of the song. She also has vocals on this track, lending the pre-chorus a slightly sinister vibe.

What is your creative process for writing and producing music?

I write lyrics and melody, so usually when an idea comes, it’s either melodic or lyrical. I record my ideas as voice notes on my phone, and the ones with the most potential, I bring to collaborators whom I have in mind that would match the vision of that particular song. I love being able to tap into other creative talents’ potential because they always bring something to the table that I can’t on my own. I believe you end up with a better product when you collaborate.

Having performed in diverse settings, from Universal Studios Singapore to the Ultra Music Festival, how do you adapt your performance style to different venues and audiences?

I honestly enjoy performing to large crowds with thousands of people. I’ve not been able to do that with my original music yet, but I will someday. As a performer in someone else’s show, you have to deliver what the show needs. I try to fully understand the requirements and objectives of each show I do, so I can perform to the best of my ability. At the end of the day, the audience’s experience is everything.

You’re known for your commitment to social causes. How do you integrate this passion into your music and artistic expression?

Thank you. I hope to always make a social impact with my work. As you can tell, my songs revolve around mental health themes. Many are dark, but “Beneath The Surface” is a more uplifting one. I hope the songs offer comfort and support to others who are also living through toxic environments. Separately, I also have the honor of my song “Friends” being performed by differently-abled talents from the Inclusive Arts Movement; we made a music video, and they still perform that song live at shows.

In an industry often driven by trends, how do you maintain your artistic integrity and personal style in your music?

I do my best to remain authentic and only pick trends that resonate strongly with me. There’s been a Russian sugar baby comedy shtick trending on social media that I find hilarious and oddly empowering. I leaned heavily on that while I was going through a rough time and made a comedy series of Instagram reels called #FindRichHusband. It’s brought joy to my followers, and people sometimes ask me when my next reel is.

What are your future aspirations in the music industry, and are there any new projects or collaborations we can look forward to?

I want to build an audience of people who truly support and believe in me – no “fake friends.” My biggest supporters pledge to me on Patreon, and in return, I give them a front-row seat into my music journey. I’m in the midst of releasing new music off my first EP, so look out for that! All sneak peeks will be on Patreon; follow me there to get updates in your inbox.

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