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    Mooer GTRS PTNR

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    Mooer GTRS PTNR

    These new Mooer GTRS PTNR mini amps have 5 watts of power, and feature a 2.2″ speaker which has been designed to give a good bass response, it has a 4-ohm impedance and uses a vibrating diaphragm tuned for bass frequencies. They are rechargeable, using the same USB-C specifications as the GTRS Intelligent Guitar and come with an onboard 2000 mAh rechargeable battery which will give you up to 7 hours of usage. Just plug your guitar into the standard 1/4” jack input, or via Bluetooth and off you go.

    5 Watt Wonders

    I would imagine that these mini 5 watt amps will be a fun addition to the GTRS Intelligent Guitars; black, white, blue pink and green. I’m not sure how great they will be in terms of sound quality. Though, they could be a nice addition and you can get them in the same colours as the GTRS Intelligent Guitars, so if you like to own matching sets, they could be for you.

    You can see the new mini GTRS PTNR combo amps in the official Mooer demo video below. There is no official price yet, but I suspect they will be fairly affordable, as the GTRS Intelligent Guitars aren’t exactly expensive themselves.


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