Cloudy Parallels’ Musical Odyssey Begins with“Everlasting”

Cloudy Parallels, a dynamic music duo with roots in the United States and Vietnam, is creating quite a splash with their highly anticipated debut single, “Everlasting.” This captivating track, that just released today – features the soulful vocals of Donna Tella, and it’s poised to be a smash in the world of Future Bass music.

Hailing from the sunny shores of California, San Diego, and the picturesque landscapes of Eahleo, Dak Lak, Vietnam, Cloudy Parallels brings a fusion of cultural influences and diverse musical backgrounds into their work. This collaboration is not only a transcontinental effort but
also a testament to the universal language of music. “Everlasting” is a Future Bass masterpiece that tugs at the heartstrings and offers a unique
listening experience. What sets this track apart is not only Cloudy Parallels’ debut but also the profound emotional depth it carries. The combination of their intricate production, rhythmic textures, and Donna Tella’s enchanting vocals creates an atmospheric journey that is nothing
short of magical. Listeners can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as “Everlasting” sweeps them into a world of musical innovation and pure sentiment. Cloudy Parallels has poured their hearts and souls into this single, making it a promising start to their career as a duo.

As “Everlasting” hits the airwaves today, Cloudy Parallels also has exciting news for their growing fan base. They have a series of upcoming tracks in the works, featuring collaborations with prominent vocalists like Robbie Rosen. This expansion of their portfolio showcases their ambition and dedication to bringing fresh and compelling music to their audience. Be sure to check out, everlasting on Spotify and Apple Music. You will not be disappointed!

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