Close To Monday Deliver Gripping New Single “First Class”

Emerging electronic pop/rock duo Close To Monday have proven they can do it all, from thrilling four on the floor hits to dystopian, Blade-runner esque tracks that seem to melt your mind in the most beautiful way.

Now, they’re back with a new single “First Class” that once again explores a more cinematic approach with tones reminiscent of New Order and Ladytron. The composition explores the theme of a man ensnared in his ambition and thirst for material success, ultimately transforming into a metaphorical monster trapped in the gilded confines of first-class luxury on an airplane.

The music pays a perfect compliment, as swirling melodies intertwined with Ann’s mesmerizing vocals take the listener into the atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. The lyrics unravel the tale of a hero entangled in the snares of his own ambitions, with complex, somewhat eerie synth arrangements amplifying the emotional twists and tragic facets of the character. Each note and melody serves as a poignant moment in the unfolding narrative, intentionally placed there by Close to Monday.

Promising a new single each month, we can count on hearing plenty more from them this year.

For now, check out the single below!

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