Tips For A Beginner Electric Guitar Player

  1. Get the guitar professionally set up. Even if it’s a cheap guitar, having it set up will make it far better to play on.

  2. Work on the tone. Spend hours trying out all the different tones you can get from the guitar, from the guitar and the amp using the amp’s tone controls, from the guitar and the amp by moving the position of the amp in relation to the walls, and by whatever effects pedals you can get. Electric guitarists have to be the masters of many tones. Start your path toward mastery now.

  3. Learn the vocabulary. Bends, slurs, trills, slides, vibrato can all be played on acoustic guitar, and you may take electric technique back with you, but they are the bread-and-butter of melodic electric guitar.

  4. Extend your chords. There’s all kinds of chords that you can play on electric which would be too tiring on acoustic. Experiment with weird and wonderful chords, and make up your own chords.

  5. Refine your picking technique. How you pick is different on acoustic and electric.

  6. Experiment with volume. The electric guitar has no natural volume. You need to work on what is the right volume for a particular style in a particular venue.

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