44 Ardent’s LP ‘leo’ Is A Masterpiece

When it comes to avant garde electronic music, Australian artist 44 Ardent stands at the forefront. His music explores a myriad of sub genres in the electronic music realm, time and time again pointing towards his artistic genius and prowess.

He recently unveiled his LP ‘leo’, a 14-track masterpiece that is a beautifully executed ride from start to finish. His ability to make the listener feel emotions from the pluck of a note is incredible, as he weaves a dynamic tapestry of blissful, nostalgic, even hopeful arrangements throughout. A few standouts include “bitbybit” – the retro-house track that puts you in your feels instantly. “mightaswell” traverses the deeper UKG sounds while “serenity” offers a chilled out, lo-fi esque sound that is irresistible.

“leo is the culmination of all of the 44 Ardent music that I’ve made over the last year or so. I have noticed that a lot of the best producers have an approach where they focus on pumping out lots of quick ideas, and then refine the best ones. I’ve tried to follow that to an extent, making heaps of music very quickly and then only finishing the ideas that I really like. This album is the end product of that. There is a real mix of genres and styles, as I’ve tried not to corner myself into any particular sound.  44 Ardent

Check it out below!

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